New club set to make waves in Gardens lake

Keith Holesm with his model ships. Photo contributed.
Keith Holesm with his model ships. Photo contributed.

A model boat club is all set to take to the waves in Buxton.

The owners of the beautifully-crafted working models have been given permission by High Peak Borough to set sail on the ornamental lakes in the Pavilion Gardens.

Now organisers are looking for new members to take part.

But there’s a Mary Celeste-style mystery behind it all. Buxton did have a club which began in 2004, according to a plaque an the boating, but it went into decline.

However, no-one knows anything about the plaque, who put it there or who ran the original club.

It has now been reborn under the guidance of Sheffield Ship Model Society and is being run by Buxton man Keith Holmes under the new name of Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens Model Boat Club.

Keith said: “This club is just being restarted so we are looking for new members who are like-minded and enjoy this form of model making, of which I’m sure there are many.

“This hobby encompasses a large cross section of model boats from aircraft carriers to pleasure boats.

“These models can take years to build from scratch or even in kit form.

“Some would call them a work of art, so if you are a beginner or have a little experience then please feel free to join us at the Island Lake by the kiosk every Sunday from 8am until 2pm, weather permitting.”

There will be a small fee, and also some special events throughout the year.

If you are interested, please contact Keith on Buxton 70456

l If you were a member of the original club, contact us at