New bridge over Kettleshulme bog

Community news
Community news

A new footbridge has been built over a stream and bog in Kettleshulme, thanks to Derbyshire County Council and the generosity of an anonymous donor.

The man, a member of the Peak and Northern Footpaths Society, part funded the bridge near Five Lane Ends.

Vice chair of the society John Harker said: “I proposed the bridge as the area was quite boggy and I had to balance on two slippery logs to get across. It is a very well-used path as it is in a lovely area of open countryside close to Taxal Edge and Windgather Rocks.”

It is hoped the new bridge will make a big difference to walkers in winter.

Over the past seven years, the society, which is run entirely by volunteers, has invested £25,000 in footbridge projects to solve serious problems on the public rights of way network. For more information, visit