New bollards installed to help improve access for all

FOR most people, coming out of a shop and crossing the road outside is easy – but not for Lizzy Martin and Sue Walker, who are visually impaired.

Getting out of Sainsbury’s on the market place in Buxton had become an obstacle course due to thoughtless drivers parking across the tactile paving that they use to guide them to cross the road.

But now thanks to the joint efforts of High Peak Access Group, Buxton Visually Impaired Group and Wayne Bexton from Derbyshire County Council, who have been working together over the last six months, bollards have been installed to keep the entrance/tactile paving clear.

The new bollards also help Lizzy and Sue along with their Guide Dogs, Pixie and Benson to use the tactile paving to get to the Volunteer Centre where they are volunteers.

Tactile paving is a detectable warning sign to assist blind and visually impaired pedestrians and their Guide Dogs are taught to recognise it.

Sue said: “It makes such a difference to be able to walk over the tactile paving without it being blocked by a car or van, which confuses my dog and makes it more difficult to get across the road, and get to the Volunteer Centre.

“Benson is now getting used to using the paving again now that it is clear.”

l High Peak Access Group is a group of volunteers from all over High Peak who campaign for better access to facilities and services in the borough.

They meet every month in New Mills. For more information go to