Nestlé Waters factory expansion agreed

A 300,000sq ft expansion of Nestlé Waters' bottling and distribution plant on the outskirts of Buxton has been rubber-stamped by councillors.

Plans have been submitted to extend the Nestle Waters Waterswallows site in Buxton and create more than 70 new jobs.
Plans have been submitted to extend the Nestle Waters Waterswallows site in Buxton and create more than 70 new jobs.

The site on Waterswallows Lane currently employs 220 people, but the expansion will create a further 72 permanent and temporary jobs. Some of these would be during the construction phase and others once the development is completed.

The development will see an increase in bottling production and storage on-site, rather than transporting them to a holding warehouse in Sheffield.

High Peak borough councillors unanimously approved the plans at a Development Control Committee meeting on Monday.

Councillor Emily Thrane said: “I have always been enthusiastic about Nestlé and I am delighted operations are going well enough for them to want to expand.
“I applaud the detailed plans which are sympathetic to the existing building and surrounding landscapes.”

Councillor Jean Todd said: “I can’t fault the design of the building. However, as much as it will improve the economic aspects of the town I am concerned about the effects on the water table and the impacts extra plastic bottles will have on the town’s littering, and would like to see a section 106 imposed on Nestle to tackle the environment.”

Section 106 agreements can be made between local authorities and developers and attached to planning applications.

However Ben Haywood, a council planning officer, said Nestlé Waters was a global company and that any increase in production at Buxton would probably not result in an increase in litter in the High Peak, as Buxton Water is distributed around the country.

Councillor Stewart Young said: “Although the development is on greenbelt land there is nowhere else for it to go as it needs to be next to the existing site, but it is nice to see they will be using the same in-keeping materials.”

Michel Beneventi, Business Executive Officer, Nestlé Waters, UK, said: “Nestlé Waters is delighted with the decision made by the Planning Committee of High Peak Borough Council yesterday, giving its full support to grant planning permission for expanding the current bottling facility at Waterswallows Lane.

“This decision will allow further investment to be made in our state of the art bottling facility to consolidate and strengthen our business in Buxton and provide additional employment opportunities in the local economy.

“Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our plans, and the proposed factory expansion is an important step in our sustainability journey. “This extension will allow us to reduce our reliance on external storage facilities and bring further environmental benefits to our operation through less transport and greater efficiencies across our full operation.

“We are proud to be members of the Buxton community and thank everyone for their feedback and contributions during this process.”