Neighbours angry over phone mast

WHEN work began on the railway land near their home, residents in New Mills thought it was just part of the regular maintenance.

However, they soon discovered that it was to prepare for a communications mast to be erected near their homes.

Now they have hit out at the lack of any prior notice being given and a lack of consultation with the residents who live close to the south junction signal box on Marsh Lane.

One of those affected, Linda Booth, said she and her neighbours were upset about the location and size of the proposed mast that is expected to be between 30 and 60 feet tall.

“They are supposed to give 28 days notice of intention of what they want to do to see if anyone has any objections,” she said.

They have raised their concerns about the lack of information with High Peak MP Andrew Bingham.

His office has raised the issue with Network Rail on their behalf.