National status gives Buxton festival a £120k windfall

Buxton Opera House
Buxton Opera House

Buxton International Festival has been given a vote of confidence – and support worth £120,000 a year for four years - after being awarded National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) status.

The financial support by Arts Council England will mean that the festival can continue to generate an estimated £3 million a year for the local economy with its two weeks of events, which start next week, as well as expanding its work in promoting the arts within the community.

Randall Shannon, executive director of Buxton International Festival, said: “We are delighted that Arts Council England (ACE) have awarded us NPO status - an assertion of the confidence in which ACE holds the festival.

Arts Council England will make £409 million available to the National Portfolio annually between 2018 and 22.

This new funding status demonstrates that ACE recognises Buxton International Festival’s artistic ambitions to continue to produce an annual arts festival with three fully produced operas of rarely performed repertoire, along with an outstanding Music series and Literary series which serve to attract a wider audience.

Randall said: “Together with the accompanying funding over the next four years, we can continue to build the quality of the festival to 2022 and beyond.

“We have exciting and ambitious plans for artistic development, and with this funding we can ensure the festival continues to broaden and diversify our artists and audiences as well as invest in our community.”

The festival’s commitment to outreach and education work through its ‘Inspire’ programme and its aspiration to develop the Young Artist Programme, were pivotal to the creative case for funding.