MP takes case to House of Commons

HIGH PEAK MP Andrew Bingham has tabled five written questions to ministers about Buxton’s under-threat Corbar Birth Centre.

The questions relate to how vital Corbar is to the community, as well as the potential impact of closure. Three are to the Health Secretary, one to the Cabinet Office Minister and one to the Transport Secretary.

Mr Bingham said: “I want the Secretary of State for Health to make sure that NHS Derbyshire County will take into account the views of the local community during the engagement process.

“I also want to get on the record the exact figures for the amount of mothers who would have had to use other hospitals in the past if the centre hadn’t been there for them, and also how inconvenienced they would have been by the Cat and Fiddle road being closed.

“It usually takes a couple of weeks to receive answers to written questions, but hopefully the answers will include useful information that we can present to (NHS bosses) Mark Todd and David Sharp in support of keeping Corbar open.”