MP’s plea to save Spencer Ward at the Cavendish Hospital

High Peak MP Andrew Bingham.
High Peak MP Andrew Bingham.

MP Andrew Bingham has reiterated his concerns over the Cavendish consultation, following a number of residents raising the issue at his advice surgery.

He has already met with the CCG, who are proposing closure of the Spencer ward at the Cavendish hospital and is now urging people to take part in the consultation.

Andrew said: “I have had a number of people come to my latest advice surgery, concerned about the proposals for the Cavendish. I completely agree with them that the Spencer ward must stay open, and I reassured them that I have made my views crystal-clear to the CCG. I also advised them to take part in the consultation, and I would urge everyone in the town to take part.”

Andrew’s most recent surgery took place before the latest public meeting yesterday (Wednesday) on the issue. At the previous public meeting.

He added: “I have major concerns the consultation may just be a tick-box exercise, and I have told the CCG face-to-face that it must be a proper consultation, and that they absolutely must listen to the real concerns that local people have.

“This is not about numbers in a chart, this is about real people, with real concerns about the level of care they and their loved ones may get in the future. I have told the CCG that they must bear that in mind, and think how they would feel if it were their mother or father’s care that was on the line.

“If they do listen then they surely cannot close it.”