MP backs rail protest at

A MEETING with Northern Rail over the proposed changes to rush hour services to Chinley has been called for by High Peak MP Andrew Bingham.

He has written to the rail firm this week, after plans emerged which would see two of the busiest rush hour rail services from Manchester to Chinley cancelled.

The proposed cancellation of the 17:18 and 17:20 trains would mean that there would be no trains from Manchester Piccadilly to Chinley between 16:44 and 17:43, at the peak of the rush hour.

Mr Bingham said: “I have had a number of constituents contact me about these proposals, and I am quite shocked that two of the busiest services may be cancelled.

“I have written to Northern Rail to urge them to reconsider, and indeed to consider adding more trains to the schedule, as the current services are overcrowded as it is.

“Local residents are right to be up in arms about this, as any cancellation will have a major impact on commuters and cause massive inconvenience.

“I have asked Northern Rail for an urgent meeting with them about these proposals, and I hope that they accept.”

As reported in the Advertiser, commuters have launched a campaign urging Northern Rail to look again at the proposals amid fears the remaining services will be overcrowded or that they could be left not being able to get on the trains at all.

Anyone affected by the changes and who has not yet raised their concerns is urged to contact Northern Rail’s customer relations team at by the end of the month.