Mountain rescuers help 84-year-old lost in the Lathkil Dale area overnight

News story
News story

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team were called to help an elderly lady who became lost in the Lathkil Dale area in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The 84-year-old and her son had gone for a walk along the Limestone Way, from the Moor Lane Car Park, near Youlgreave but when darkness descended they became disorientated and lost in the steep sided wooded dale.

A worried relative called police but they had little information to go on and it wasn’t until after midnight when the son managed to get a phone signal from the valley that the police were able to establish roughly where the pair were.

As the team were arriving a police officer reported hearing calls from Cales Dale, the terrain was steep and heavily wooded which prevented a precise location being given.

Team members were deployed into either end of Cales Dale and began sweeping through the valley and it wasn’t long before the missing pair were located, unharmed but very cold. Both were given food and drinks whilst being examined. The son was able to walk out unaided, but his mother was placed onto a mountain rescue stretcher and carried out of the dale to the car park. After being given more food and drinks, they were able to make their own way home.