Mountain rescue team helps two casualties

BMRT.   The casualty being prepared for loading in the ambulance.
BMRT. The casualty being prepared for loading in the ambulance.

Buxton Mountain Rescue team was called twice in quick succession to help two casualties on Saturday afternoon.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team’s appearance at the Buxton carnival Parade was interrupted when East Midlands Ambulance Service requested assistance on the summit of Cats Tor on the Pym Chair to Shining Tor footpath.

BMR Team member, Derek Dummy, ready for the carnival.

BMR Team member, Derek Dummy, ready for the carnival.

One team vehicle, with several members on board, broke out of the parade and another vehicle was deployed from it’s base at Buxton Fire & Rescue Station.

A walker was reported to have suffered a medical collapse whilst on the airy route from the Cat & Fiddle.

East Midland’s staff were already on scene when members arrived at the site and the 25 year old casualty from Manchester was receiving treatment.

She recovered well enough to be able walk with assistance back down to Pym Chair where the ambulance had parked.

As this call was coming to a conclusion a call to the Monsal Trail was received and members had to move smartly to recover equipment from the hillside.

Whilst dealing with the previous call-out in the Goyt Valley another call from East Midlands Ambulance Service, another call was received relating to cycling accident on the Monsal Trail.

Team vehicles were quickly on route to rendezvous at Miller’s Dale Station with other local team members.

A 29 year old woman from Glossop suffered knee and serious facial injuries following an accident whilst riding a bike on the trail.

Team members were first to arrive on scene to start treatment and were soon able to hand over to the professionals when the ambulance arrived just minutes later.

The Trail at this point is easily accessible for emergency vehicles so the casualty was soon in the ambulance and on her way to Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

Whilst one of the two team vehicles from the Buxton Carnival Parade procession attended, the other remained in the parade and despite being depleted of members won a “Highly Commended” certificate.