Mountain Rescue team come to aid of Buxton pensioner

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Mountain rescue workers helped a 90-year-old man from his remote house in Brandside to a Buxton nursing home during the heavy snow.

Team vehicle drivers, on stand-by at the Dove Holes Base as part of the Emergency Services Contingency Plan, were called by East Midlands Ambulance Service when it was reported that man needed an urgent transfer.

Heavy snow was falling and the A53, Buxton-Leek road was closed.  

A spkedman said: “A team ambulance was despatched which picked up additional members on its way through Buxton.  The steep Brand Side road was filled with snow so the ambulance was abandoned at the junction with the A53.  

“Six team members set off on foot sledging a rescue stretcher and medical equipment towards the village.

“A second team vehicle established a control point providing a radio link between the rescuers and medical advice from the ambulance service.

After gaining access to the house the man was medically assessed and then placed on the stretcher.  It looked as if it was to be a long sledge ride back to the ambulance in very cold conditions but for the generous offer of assistance from the driver of a beefy 4 x 4 vehicle.  The offer was gladly accepted and the casualty was back up the hill and on board the ambulance inside fifteen minutes.”

 The man was taken back into a Buxton nursing home.

The team thanked to DHRA Geotechnical Ltd of Buxton for the generous use of their 4 x 4 vehicle.