More time for say on parking

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A POOR response to a questionnaire about a residents’ parking scheme in parts of Buxton has led to a councillor calling for a time extension.

People living on affected streets, including St James Terrace and Bath Road, were sent questionnaires asking for their views on the implementation of a scheme, but only 37 per cent of those involved responded.

Now Buxton county councillor Robin Baldry has arranged a two-week extension to give people more chance to respond.

He said: “I’ve asked the council for this extension because I was very disappointed with the number of questionnaires that had been returned.

“I have been contacted by many residents in the areas affected about this scheme and so was quite surprised when I found out the response was so low, with only 95 questionnaires being returned from 257 which were sent out.

“Those people who are directly affected by this, and haven’t yet responded to the letter and questionnaire they received, now have until September 29 to reply.”

And Cllr Baldry added that of those residents who had replied, 58 per cent were in favour of a residents’ parking scheme, with 42 per cent against. However, two thirds of the responses need to be in favour of such a scheme before it can progress to formal consultation.

Derbyshire County Council’s plans to consult on introducing a residents’ parking scheme on Hartington Road, St James Street, Torr Street, St James Terrace, Rock Terrace, Chapel Street, Fountain Street and Bath Road were reported in the Buxton Advertiser in January.

Anyone in the affected areas who needs another questionnaire should email dan.o’