Monthly Buxton food event bites the dust as organiser withdraws

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NEWS: News.

A monthly event that brings together a variety of food stalls in Buxton has been cancelled with the organiser citing a ‘lack of interest.’

Maxine Pearson, who runs her own mobile pizza company, has called time on the Buxton Fine Food Market.

The event, which was based at the Slopes, was trialled by Maxine at the end of 2013 before she was later granted permission to stage a monthly event.

Despite the initial success of the event, she admits that recent months have seen many stallholders pull out.

She said: “With us only having around ten stalls, if two or three pulled out then we’d look too small.

“It’s really sad because I was putting all the effort in, such as promoting it, collecting all the monies and even paid for the benches for people to sit on.

“I wasn’t benefitting financially at all and if we had 15 stalls it would be easier.

“Little things like bad weather would make some people back out and in the end I just decided to call it a day.”

Maxine, aged 46, says there will still be a presence of food stalls on the Slopes, including hers, but that it would be ‘skeletal.’