Mindfulness group to heal ills in the peaks

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A new mindfulness meditation group has been launched - bringing relief to physical and mental health problems.

Sangha in the Peak meets twice a month in Tideswell and Litton - practicing a discipline which teaches followers to apply mindfulness to all aspects of life - from sitting and walking to eating, speaking and working.

Mindfulness practice is a way of calming a racing mind by focusing it on breathing - allowing those doing so to exist in the present and see their thoughts and feelings more clearly.

It is used to treat various ills from mental health problems such as depression to physical difficulties such as back pain.

Group coordinator Andrea Mitson, 53, began practicing mindfulness five years ago to treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

She found the practice helped ease the discomfort of her condition - which was often caused by stress.

She said: “I find the condition gets much worse when I’m busy - but this is really powerful for me personally.

“Some people come following depression and they want to do something that can help rather than looking for doctors or counsellors being the catalyst for their wellbeing - it’s something people can do for themselves.

“These are Buddhist teachings but none of us consider ourselves Buddhists.”

The sessions - which have been running since October - involve a led-meditation followed with walking and then silent forms of the practice.

Andrea said: “It’s a very simple concept - and afterwards anyone who wishes to is invited to speak about anything personal to them.

“It’s a chance to be really properly listened to.”

Sangha in the Peak meets at 7.30pm at Tideswell St John’s Institute on the second Monday of every month and at Litton Village Hall on the last Saturday of every month at 10am.

The group meets next on December 29 at Litton Village Hall and on January 14 at the St John’s Institute in Tideswell.

For more information email sanghainthepeak@gmail.com.