Management is to be re-structured

MANAGEMENT restructuring has been approved by High Peak councillors as they seek to make substantial savings.

The decision was taken behind closed doors and full details will not be made available until next month.

Earlier in the meeting Cllr Caitlin Bisknell said the Labour Group would be supporting the restructure proposals - which make up half the savings needed to be made - as they were a considerable improvement on the original plans.

“However, some areas are left somewhat vague – savings are listed, but there is no explanation as to how those savings will actually be made,” said Cllr Bisknell

Executive member of Corporate Service Cllr Emily Thrane said: “Some of the savings to be made have not been spelt out with every t crossed and i dotted.

“One of the reasons for that is in fact to involve councillors in choices that have to be made in making savings as they are not easy.”

Liberal Democrat councillor David Lomax said: “We have been able to safeguard frontline services but I am concerned the cuts we are taking may mean residents do not see the same services.”

He said they would find in six to 12 months if savings were affecting services or not.

“Undoubtedly we are in a dire situation as is every council in the country.

“Fortunately we are not in the same dire straights as most.

“My worry is what do we get next year and the year after?” said Cllr Lomax.