Man gets stuck on Mam Tor after trying to save dog

Mam Tor.
Mam Tor.
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A man became stuck on Mam Tor – after trying to rescue his dog which fell down the landmark.

The man and his family were on the summit of the hill near Castleton on Saturday afternoon when the dog fell down the steep, verticle face, coming to rest part-way down.

He attempted to descend the hill to rescue the animal but became stuck as loose shale started to crumble away.

Crews from Buxton and Edale mountain rescue teams attended the incident.

They reassured the cragfast man and coaxed him to safety.

The dog, which suffered minor cuts in the fall, also managed to escape to safety.

A spokesman for Buxton and Edale mountain rescue teams said: “A call to someone trapped on the Mam Tor face, which is 600 feet at its highest point and vertical, is always treated with due seriousness.

“The face nearer the summit consists of loose vertical shale with large blocks of gritstone embedded within it.

“It is a dangerous place for casualties and rescuers alike.”