Make sure you don’t miss out on your right to vote

RESIDENTS keen to ensure they do not lose their right to vote have been urged to follow in the footsteps of High Peak’s first citizen by completing the form online.

Mayor Pat Jenner said: “With the county council elections next May and, before then, the Police Commission Elections in November, now is the time for residents to ensure they have the right to vote.

“It’s really important that you complete and return the registration form so you’re able to take part in any elections that may be held,” he explained.

High Peak Borough Council is sending forms to households to keep the electoral register up to date. Anyone who has not received a form by the end of August should contact the electoral registration office on 0845 129 4851.

To complete the form online go to

Residents completing the electoral registration form can opt to have their details excluded from the edited register on a permanent basis or until further notice. This means their details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations.

The request to permanently opt out must be made in writing and must come from the elector.

l For more information on registering to vote or opting out of the edited register, call the electoral registration office on 0845 129 4851.