Longnor WI

Irene Bethell visited the meeting of Longnor Area WI to pass on some of her bread-making skills.

Irene, although not a professional demonstrator, has been making bread for almost 40 years at home.

Rather than taking along her preferred tool, a Kenwood Chef, to mix the bread, she let members see just how hard it really is when you attempt to do the kneading by hand. All the members had a go.

While the bread was rising, Irene shared a batch of delicious rolls she had prepared earlier, enjoyed with a cup of tea. All the ladies who attended received a copy of Irene’s recipe.

The main item on the business agenda had been the June 3 Jubilee celebrations, on which occasion the ladies of Longnor WI manned the tea urn.

There will be a bunting workshop at the next meeting of the Longnor Area WI, led by Melandra Smith.

It will be held at Longnor Fire Station at 7pm on Wednesday June 20. Charges are 50p for WI members and £3.50 for visitors.

Participants are asked to take along a sewing machine if they have one. Material will be provided.