Light at the end of the tunnel for Buxton’s High Footpath saga?

Buxton's High Footpath
Buxton's High Footpath

A recent auction of the troublesome land overlooking Buxton’s High Footpath walkway has failed to attract a buyer - but now it is believed a private sale or even community ownership may still be a possibility.

In 2012, the council were forced to close the footpath on health and safety grounds after poor maintenance of the woodland above the path made the walkway unsafe for pedestrians.

County and Borough Councillor, Tony Kemp, said: “Officers of both Councils are, at my request, ensuring the agents are aware of the need to inform the prospective purchaser of the liabilities they would take on board. We have been assured this has happened.

“I can also advise that I have had a discussion with Anne Western, Leader of Derbyshire County Council, and she has agreed to give such help as she can to facilitate transfer to a beneficial owner such as the Civic Association if the reported sale fails to materialise.

“My preference would still be for the proposed community ownership scheme but we must wait and see.”

Coun Kemp has recently been in discussion with the Buxton Civic Association to discuss long-term beneficial ownership of the woodland on behalf of the town and has also been speaking to local businesses about securing funds for the repair and upkeep of the land.