LETTER: Why did Buxton MP not support motion on Palestine?

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As members of the local Amnesty Group, we are at a loss to understand how bad things need to get before the major powers (US,UK, China) exert more pressure on Israel to negotiate with Palestine in a meaningful way, nor can we understand why our MP, Andrew Bingham, failed to support the motion to recognise the State of Palestine and to secure a Security Council resolution setting a two year deadline for Israel to end its illegal occupation of Palestinian Territories and East Jerusalem by November 2016.

Conditions for Palestinians could not get much worse. Gaza is in ruins after the comprehensive destruction by the recent Israeli bombing.

The illegal occupation of the West Bank, which takes land indiscriminately and controls water resources, has resulted in Israel occupying 80 per cent of the territory which was originally meant to be shared more or less equally between Israel and Palestine after the agreement in 1947.

If current trends continue, there will not be a Palestinian State to recognise.

It is unbelievable that the UK is still supplying arms to Israel.

After their brutal war in Gaza, we feel ashamed to think that we are complicit in their actions.

We call on Andrew Bingham to press our government to recognise the State of Palestine and to stop sending arms to Israel and to call on the Israeli government to end their illegal occupation of the West Bank and their blockade of Gaza.

Kate Watson