LETTER: Send a message of thanks to helpers

In recent months our country has witnessed terror attacks in Manchester and London.

In London, terrorists used knives and vehicles to kill and maim people, while in Manchester a suicide bomber killed and injured people attending a pop concert.

These terror tactics were first deployed in Israel and the parallels don’t stop there.

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The people carrying out these attacks are being taught to hate and they are then unleashing their hatred on innocent people across the world.

To defeat these terrible acts of violence nations have to be united against terror.

Countries must work together on all fronts not just on the security and military solutions.

On that note, I wanted to let your readers hear about one contribution that hasn’t been given national media coverage but merits recognition.

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Three Israelis, Rabbi Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman, Professor Yori Gidron and Dr Moshe Farchi who have experience of working with victims of high trauma incidents in Israel, set up trauma centres in the aftermath of the Manchester and London terror attacks.

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They provided direct support to the public and training for 90 mental health professionals.

If you want to send a message of thanks to the people that helped our country via our elected politicians then follow this link www.israelbritain.org.uk/news.

Chris Parker

Address supplied

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