LETTER: Search for history of Buxton pub

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My name is Scott Wanless and I am the current landlord of The 19th Hole public house in Fairfield, Buxton.

I took the licence over on April 4, 2011, and since then have found it a struggle to research any history of this building. The information I have been given is that The 19th Hole took its licence in 1950 from the old Wheatsheaf public house on Church Street in Buxton. Prior to that I am to believe it was a private school. I also have been told it was at one time a farm building.

What I am asking for is if anybody can allow me copies to any information or photographs of The 19th Hole prior to it being a public house and after.

I would love to see pictures of the old signage and people enjoying themselves inside from time gone by and hope to make my very own memory lane within the building for people of the present to see and enjoy. I thank you for your time.

Scott Wanless