LETTER: Say what you like, I have every faith in Brexit

A belated thank you to Alan Craws for his vision of the future, Grimms Fairy Tales are marginally more frightening. I, along with 52 per cent of the voters, put my cross against '˜leave'.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 14th January 2017, 5:30 pm
Sheffield town hall flag at full mast. 6/6/14 D Day
Sheffield town hall flag at full mast. 6/6/14 D Day

As such I take great exception as will those other millions of voters to being labelled Little Englanders, xenophobic and egotistical, and where and how, Mr Dave Johnson does personal gain apply to me. How about greater future living standards?

The ‘remainers’ persist in claiming currency devaluation of 15 per cent yet for our supposedly largest market the Euro has dropped from E1.25 to E 1.17 since the vote. Approximately six per cent. It fell from E 1.41 in spring on fears of our annual trade deficit growing larger.

‘Project fear’ economists are now back tracking on their predictions which, sadly many people took as factual. They had become victims of group think. This of course was exacerbated by the biased reporting of the BBC news. Since the referendum, the business and political correspondents always seem to finish their reports on good economic news by implying that tomorrow the economy will collapse.

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Finally, I am proud to tell the world that I voted for change and that I have got faith that this great country of ours is about to enter a new era of great prosperity.

Bernard Pickering

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