LETTER: Our land for their housing?

So the Peak District councillors want to prostrate themselves before the might of Greater Manchester.

STOCK: Sheffield housing.
STOCK: Sheffield housing.

We have more in common with them, they say.

Well that’s because most of the people buying new houses in the area are escaping the behemoth, they are attempting to get away from the conurbation, they want to live in the countryside.

And what can the Peak District offer as a way of a dowry for our giant host?

Well, land of course. We’ve got loads of it and they’ve got none. Let’s bow before it and offer all our land for their housing.

Pretty soon we’ll be able to import their city ways; overcrowding, noise, pollution and increased crime. I always thought that Nottingham was a genteel place and would much rather have that than Greater Manchester. 
I am sure I am not alone in my thinking.

Dennis Snape