LETTER: Leader’s view was‘political rant

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As a regular reader I am pleased to see that the Buxton Advertiser is continuing to develop and improve the look and content of the paper.

In the 23rd October issue I noted that there was a new ‘Council Leader’s Column’, written on this occasion by the Derbyshire County Council leader, and I expected to learn something of general interest to the community which she represents.

However instead I was surprised and disappointed to read what I felt was a highly charged and biased political rant against the Prime Minister.

If this is to be a regular column I hope we are going to see a more measured approach on a range of issues which fairly represent the whole political spectrum of the High Peak.

A ‘Council Leader’s Column’ in our local newspaper is definitely not the place for political propaganda, this particular article was more suited to a Labour Party election leaflet!

Caroline Howe