Languages are no barrier for Buxton teenager Harry

Whether it’s Aborigine, Ancient Greek or an Amazonian dialect, Buxton teenager Harry Bradbury will be able to make sense of the language.

Harry, 17, from Green Lane, has just won a Gold Medal in British Linguistics Society’s Olympiad.

Given only limited vocabulary the teenager, who attends the King’s School in Macclesfield, was able to make sense of a diverse range of languages including jungle dialects, contemporary computing programs and Aborigine, simply by dissecting the languages and comparing and contrasting patterns and rhythms of speech.

He said: “Languages are one giant puzzle, but if you look closely enough you will be able to detect different patterns and styles and soon be able to string together five or six sentences.

“Analysing different languages enables you to see the links between different geographical locations.

“For example Indian languages have some very similar elements to European languages, suggesting the closeness of the trade links when their languages were developing,” he added.