Josh Taylor picks up vital experience in defeat

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Buxton A.B.C travelled to Birmingham with Josh Taylor facing off against stiff opposition from Nuneaton in a 57kg junior contest.

The Buxton boxer was involved in another thriller, with his experienced southpaw opponent looking dangerous on the counter.

He made Taylor feel the weight of a couple of looping southpaw back hands on the way in, Taylor was forced to rethink his approach.

Together with the usual heart and tremendous fitness Taylor demonstrating a good boxing brain, switching his approach to alternate angles and land his own power shots.

Following the contest Taylor was critical of not picking up and defending some of the big backhands landed, and it was these eye catching shots that forced him to press and pressure in the final session.

This was contest applauded at the final bell, and whilst it resulted in a loss for Taylor he can take the consolation of playing an equal part the bout of the night, surpassing the rest of the bill by levels.

Keanan Bates travelled to Scunthorpe to experience his first taste of Championship action in the East Midland Cadets.

Hoping for action, Buxton’s youngest boxer drew a blank in the draw en-route to be crowned East Midlands Champion by default.

Bates will travel to Leicester to box Midlands Area Champion in the next stage of the competition.