Injured dad’s family grateful for support

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The family of a Buxton man who suffered life-threatening injuries during a fall while at a wedding in Malta has thanked the community for its support.

Daniel Goldstraw, 27, was left fighting for his life in hospital after falling from a wall while trying to get to the back of the apartment he was sharing with friends, to avoid waking them up after a night out.

Friends and loved ones back home organised fundraising via Just Giving to support the family while they waited for Dan’s recovery on the island following major surgery to stop a brain bleed.

Daniel, of Silverlands, has now made enough recovery to be repatriated and is recuperating with family, including six-month-old son Alby and partner, Sally Kitchen, in Buxton.

Dad Stephen, 52, said: “Dan is doing remarkably well. But it is going to take time.

“It will take him time to build his strength back up and he is very weak at the moment.

“The recovery is a very slow process and he gets very tired - he cannot do a great deal.

“But he is doing well at the moment. When we first saw his injuries we thought he would despair but he was quite calm and has accepted it.”

After being flown to Salford Royal Hospital medical staff decided the best place for Dan’s recovery would be at home with his family.

The seriousness of Daniel’s injuries have meant having a metal plate to protect his brain but this carries a risk of infection, which means the father-of-one must be very careful and allow his immune system to recover before he undergoes further surgery.

Stephen said that welder Daniel will not be returning to work any time soon.

But he added: “The truth is, has been very lucky to come away from this how he has. He could gave damaged his neck or his spine.

“We would like to thank everyone for their support and good wishes.

“Also for the generosity that people have shown on the Just Giving page and for all the other fundraising events to help Daniel’s recovery.

“We are overwhelmed and amazed by everyone’s kindness.”