How libraries help bring race hate to book

People who have suffered from crimes motivated by hostility towards their race, faith, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity can now report incidents without going to a police station.

Libraries in Derbyshire are offering the charity Stop Hate UK telephone and computer services to victims of hate crime by providing an alternative place where a victim, or someone concerned about a victim, can report hate crime incidents without having to speak directly with police.

The service is victim led and library staff can help discuss the options with those wanting to report a hate crime, and can support them in which option they take.

Inspector Ian Davey, Diversity Manager for Derbyshire police said: “Many hate crimes go unreported because victims may feel they don’t want to bother the police, are uncomfortable talking to an officer about their experiences or might not want anyone to see a police officer visiting their house.

“Victims may find it easier and more comfortable reporting hate incidents at their local library, which can offer a supportive and confidential environment. This means that the police can take action and help stop offenders from getting away with crimes which may previously have not been reported.”

Stop Hate UK can be contacted on free 24 hour helpline, 0800 138 1625 or visit the website