Hour-by-hour forecast reveals when snow is expected in Buxton tomorrow

Be prepared for snow.
Be prepared for snow.

According to the current Met Office forecast, snow is forecast for Buxton for much of tomorrow.

Tuesday 12am: sleet shower

1am: sleet shower

2am: heavy snow

3am: heavy snow shower

4am: heavy snow

5am: light snow

6am: light snow

7am: mist

8am: light snow

9am: light snow

10am: sunny intervals

11am: cloudy

12pm: heavy snow

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1pm: heavy snow

2pm: heavy snow

3pm: light snow

4pm: light snow shower

5pm: light snow

6pm: light snow

7pm: heavy snow

8pm: heavy snow

9pm: light snow

10pm: heavy snow

11pm: light snow