Home security advice for Derbyshire holidaymakers

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Derbyshire police are advising holiday makers to make sure their homes are secure while they’re away.

Sergeant Mike Sisman said: “The number of burglaries in the county this year has fallen compared to last year but it’s important for people to take precautions to protect their property.

“The best thing you can do when you go away is to make sure that it looks like someone is at home. If possible you should arrange for a relative, friend or neighbour to look after your house.

“You should ask them to open and close your curtains and to collect any post while you are away. You can repay the favour by offering to do the same for them.”

Tips to help your house look lived in include:

• Cut the lawn and trim back bushes and plants. They won’t look so overgrown while you’re away.

• Avoid putting your plans on social media or discussing travel plans where strangers may overhear about your absence from home.

• Try not to leave valuable items where thieves can see them.

• If you normally leave valuable bicycles or other items in your shed, consider storing them in the house.

• Place important documents and valuable items locked in a safe or leave them with other family members.

• Security mark your belongings and keep a list of the make, model and serial number of these items. Take photos of any valuable items that can’t be marked, like jewellery.

• Make sure you have up-to-date contents and buildings insurance.

• Use automatic timer-switches to turn your lights on when it goes dark.