Hitting back in street row

THE DEVELOPER at the centre of a row with residents over streets on a Dove Holes housing estate has hit back at his critics.

Residents living on the Meadows Estate say they have been waiting 13 years for their roads and pavements to be adopted but Robert Critchlow of Kalro Construction, who built the houses, said he has been trying to get the work done for many years but has been held up by Derbyshire County Council.

Mr Critchlow said: “As the developer I would like to respond to your article of April 7 “Battle for the streets in Dove”.

“Firstly the situation has not been going on for as long as the residents claim, it is barely 13 years since I started this project and streets and footpaths would not have been built before the houses.

“I have been negotiating with the county council for eight years and their intransigence is to blame for holding things up.

“The resident’s comments that money retained by their solicitors was to pay for tarmacing are wrong.

“That money is part of the purchase price of the houses and due to me.

“The roads and street lighting were installed and paid for by me and in all the years that council tax has been paid at the development, maybe a million pounds in all, the council has refused to even replace a bulb in the street lights because they are not adopted.

“This however has not prevented them collecting council tax in full.

“I have been criticised over this development once too often by people who don’t know what has happened and the same people have had extremely good quality housing provided at the most reasonable costs that housing has ever been built in the borough.

“Recently I was not invited to put my side forward either at the residents’ meeting or by the Buxton Advertiser.

“The county council have a legal obligation to finish these roads and paths now that 90 per cent of the properties are occupied and paying council tax so the residents should be complaining to the council, not me.

“Perhaps then I will be able to get the balance of my money that the solicitors are holding.”