High Peak’s mayor: The first seven months have been amazing

Buxton Remembrance service, Mayor Stewart Young
Buxton Remembrance service, Mayor Stewart Young

More than halfway through his year as mayor for the High Peak, Stewart Young reflects on the past year and his hopes for the next five months while wearing the ceremonial chains.

With a mother who was mayor in 1993, Stewart has followed in her footsteps and attends duties with his daughter as mayoress.

Mayor Stewart Young congratulates Elliot Meylan the first runner to complete the full three laps

Mayor Stewart Young congratulates Elliot Meylan the first runner to complete the full three laps

The 55-year-old said: “I have had an amazing time in my first six months and I look forward to the challenges and adventures which will come my way during the second half of my term.”

The councillor from Chapel-en-le-Frith was elected in May and feels this role is a great opportunity and honour.

He said: “My vision when I started as mayor was to go out and meet the organisations and the people across the High Peak and I was surprised to learn how many people volunteer their time to help others.

“I have attended various events across the area and see the same faces working for different organisations that they feel passionate about which is fantastic.”

He said there have been no lows only highs as the High Peak representative.

“I have met Prince Charles off the train when he came to Buxton and chatted with the Taiwanese ambassador when he visited, who else can say they have done that?

“I have also learned to so much, until I met Angela Rippon I didn’t know she was the face of Alzheimer’s Society after her mum died from the disease.

“Had she not have been visiting the area I wouldn’t have chatted with her - this job pushes your boundaries and I like that.”

For Stewart his role will end in May when another councillor will take his place but until then he is working hard to raise money for the mayor’s charity .

“We will be fundraising throughout the year and will finish with the mayors ball.

“It will be my chance to give back to some of the clubs and groups I have seen throughout the year.”

He added: “Another great thing about being the First Citizen is that I don’t know how my year will pan out because every day is different but I would like to wish every one a happy and safe 2016.”

What’s it like being mayor?

With an ever changing schedule it is only thanks to his well kept diary that Stewart Young knows where he is from one week to the next.

“I can sometimes get invites on Monday to attend a function on the Thursday or Friday, it’s very fast paced.”

After his wife died eight years ago, his daughter Charlotte - who is only 29 - made High Peak history for being the youngest mayoress and she accompanies him on functions when she is able to.

“After my mum was mayor I am now meeting with the same people just twenty years on and it is a lovely feeling,; much like catching up with old friends.”

After starting a parish councillor Stewart took the move to become a borough councillor for the Conservative party but he has no desires to be work at a county level.

He added: “Being from Chapel, it is important to stay true to your roots and not neglect the smaller villages .”