High Peak musicians picked for the National Orchestra for Children

Georgina Bloomfield, Charlotte Thomas and Dylan Eldershaw
Georgina Bloomfield, Charlotte Thomas and Dylan Eldershaw

Four violin and viola players feel pitch perfect after securing places with the National Orchestra for Children.

The pupils learn under private tutor Helen Bloomfield, who is delighted with their success.

The 53-year-old said: “I am exceedingly proud of their achievements as they should be - they are now playing at national level which is amazing.”

The National Orchestra for Children holds auditions every year and Helen always encourages her pupils to try out.

“It gives them a great experience even if they didn’t get it in,” she said.

The successful musicians are Dylan Eldershaw, 10, Georgina Bloomfield, 12, and Charlotte Thomas, 11 - all from Buxton, and Naomi Verdicchio, 11, from Bakewell.

The four have beaten more than 1,000 applicants for their places.Helen, who teaches on Temple Road, said: “Performing with the orchestra will widen the children’s horizons and teach them about large group performances.”

The orchestra split the children into age groups who will then put on concerts around the country.

Georgina, Helen’s daughter, has been playing with the National Orchestra for six years.

“Every year my students see how hard she has to work to keep her place and I think she is an inspiration to them,” she said. “It has been a major part of her life, as I hope it will be for the others.”

Their place in the orchestra is only for one year and the students will need to audition again in October.

Helen added: “There aren’t many opportunities for children to get into music now.

“I learnt at school but as times change it falls on the parents to fund the lessons so there has been a drop in number, which is why I am so proud of my students for sticking with it.”