High Peak mobile library consultation

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High Peak residents are being asked for their views on proposed changes to Derbyshire County Council’s mobile library service.

The provision, which employs 26 people and consists of two large maximum capacity vehicles, MCVs, and eight smaller standard mobile libraries, costs the authority £720,000 a year to run.

Four potential options to make savings were approved for consultation by the cabinet in December: withdraw all ten mobile library vehicles to create a saving of £720,000 by 2016, withdraw eight standard mobiles and maintain the two MCVs to create a saving of £530,000 by 2016, withdraw one MCV and seven standard mobiles and maintain one MCV and one standard mobile to create a saving of £560,000 by 2016, or work with communities to develop a network of drop-off points in accessible premises and other locations such as children’s centres.

Questionnaires are available in all council branches or can be completed online at derbyshire.gov.uk/mobilelibraries. Copies can also be requested by calling 01629 533365.