High Peak Greens set up their own political party

PETER ALLEN -- joint co-ordinator of High Peak Greens.
PETER ALLEN -- joint co-ordinator of High Peak Greens.

A new political party, High Peak Greens, says it is determined to involve as many local people as possible.

For many years, Green Party members have been active in the area, but as part of the wider Derbyshire section. Now they have set up on their own in High Peak, led by joint co-ordinators, Peter Allen, of Glossop, and Jane Reynolds, of Buxton.

Mr Allen said: “Across the country, Green Party membership has grown hugely in the last couple of years, so parties covering large geographical areas are dividing into more local ones.

“We recognise the value of making decisions as locally as possible, so we hope that having our own party here in High Peak allows us to improve participation in our important campaigning work.”

Asdressing climate change remains a top priority for Greens, but they say they have a range of policies aimed at making the UK a fairer society, as well as a more sustainable one, and they are keen to prove they are not just an environmental pressure group.

High Peak Greens intend to meet on the last Wednesday of every month, starting next week at the Royal Hotel in Hayfield at 7.30 pm.