High footpath land fails to sell at auction again

"High Pavement" the A6 at Bakewell Road Buxton
"High Pavement" the A6 at Bakewell Road Buxton

The controversial land above Buxton’s ‘High Pavement’ did not sell at a recent auction - despite the price being dropped by £10,000.

The town centre footpath, next to the A6 Bakewell Road skirting the town centre, was closed in 2011 after safety concerns about overhanging trees causing parts of the walls bordering the footpath to collapse.

On Thursday, April 14 Graham Penny Auctions listed the land again.

A spokesman for the company said: “In October when it was first up for auction the price was £25,000 but didn’t sell.

“At the most recent auction it was reduced by £10,000 to £15,000 but there was still no interest in the land.

“It remains on the market and offers in that price region will be accepted.”
The 3.5 acres of land is located within the built up framework of the town opposite Morrisons supermarket.

Derbyshire County Council sold the land to the private owner for £10,000 in 2008 and the authority has already spent £8,400 of tax payer’s money on legal fees to try and get the landowner to take remedial action.

A spokesman for DCC said the council’s position had not changed since last year and the footpath would not be opened until the land owner has done the necessary work to make the area safe for pedestrians.