High Court judge dismisses car crime gang member’s sentence appeal

Judges said that Mason Holt, 23, deserves 'every day of his sentence'
Judges said that Mason Holt, 23, deserves 'every day of his sentence'

A Worksop man who was caged for his part in a steal-to-order car theft ring ‘deserves every day of his sentence’, appeal judges ruled.

Mason Trevor Holt, 23, of Dickens Road, was part of a gang-of-four who were responsible for 38 burglaries in 2013 and 2014.

The offences took place across Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Notts, as the gang stole cars from homes and garages . In total, the gang took about £450,000 worth of property in their five-month crime spree.

Holt was jailed for eight years and four months at Nottingham Crown Court last October after admitting conspiracy to burgle.

His three accomplices were given sentences ranging up to seven years and four months.

On Thursday 4th June, Holt appealed, arguing that it was wrong that he got a longer punishment than the other gang mebers.

He said that he had also not been given enough credit for pleading guilty to what he had done. But although he described the sentence as ‘undoubtedly severe’, Lord Justice McCombe kicked out Holt’s case.

Although Holt had acknowledged personal involvement in only 15 raids, it was a conspiracy, a ‘team enterprise’ which they were all in together.

He had involved himself in a ‘very serious conspiracy’ to burgle people’s houses, said the appeal judge.

The plot had been ‘highly professional and well organised’, he added.

The judge, sitting with Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC and Mr Justice William Davis in London, dismissed the appeal bid.