Heroin claims life of popular young Derbyshire businessman

Chesterfield coroners' court.
Chesterfield coroners' court.

The mother of a popular young businessman who died after “naively” taking heroin has paid tribute to her son.

Daniel Maney, 25, was found dead in the bedroom of his flat in Albion Road, New Mills, last summer.

An inquest held at Chesterfield coroners’ court on Monday heard Mr Maney was not believed to have been a previous user of heroin.

A verdict of accidental death was recorded.

University-educated Mr Maney, who had travelled around the world after finishing his studies, was the owner of a business selling frozen food for reptiles.

The court heard he was found dead by his mother, Carol Ravenscroft, on the afternoon of Saturday, August 10.

She alerted emergency services who spent about 20 minutes desperately trying to resuscitate Mr Maney, who attended primary and secondary school in New Mills.

He was sadly pronounced dead at 5.10pm.

Toxicology reports revealed Mr Maney died of opiate toxicity.

During the hearing, Ms Ravenscroft said: “Nobody who knew Daniel had a bad word to say about him.

“He was kind, generous, caring, considerate and courteous.

“He had a wonderful sense of humour.”

She said her son had a number of interests including photography, walking and socialising with friends.

Coroner Paul McCandless said: “While he was known to smoke cannabis occasionally, there is no evidence to suggest that Mr Maney was a regular or previous user of heroin.

“It’s possible he was a once-only user.

“He will not have felt any pain when he died – he will have slipped into a deep sleep-like state.”

Addressing Mr Maney’s family and friends in the court, Mr McCandless added: “It’s clear he was a very well-thought of young man.

“Everything points to his naive use of heroin overwhelming him and bringing about his death.”

Mr McCandless concluded Mr Maney died as a result of an accident.

• According to Frank, which offers confidential drugs advice, heroin is made from morphine, which is extracted from the opium poppy.

Heroin is highly addictive and people can quickly get hooked.

Anyone with concerns about drugs can visit www.doyouknowwhatsinit.org.uk

Spoda – a Chesterfield-based charity which supports addicts’ families – can be contacted by calling 0845 600 3320.