Helping young fulfil potential

A campaign has been launched by Derbyshire County Council aimed at helping young people fulfil their potential.

‘Up to 18’ will mean that by 2015 all young people will remain in education or training until their 18th birthday.

Young people can choose from full-time education, an apprenticeship, foundation learning, part-time education or training if they work or volunteer for more than 20 hours a week.

The Government have introduced these changes in an attempt to help youngsters improve their life chances by lengthening the time they spend in education.

This is to give students more time to gain essential skills.

DCC’s cabinet member Councillor Mike Longden said: “Research shows that young people who do not participate are more likely to be unemployed in the future, earn less and are more likely to suffer from poor health.

“By supporting them to make the right choices they gain valuable skills to contribute to a highly qualified workforce.

“Up to 18 lets young people know that the changes don’t just mean staying on at school.

“They have lots of options to choose from. Encouraging young people to continue in learning or training helps them develop the skills to help them fulfil their potential.”

DCC have set up a Facebook Connexions Derbyshire page and put up posters in schools across the county encouraging young people to find out more.

Careers staff will also be available at school parents’ evenings to explain the options open to young people and to boost the profile of this new campaign.