Help for the vulnerable

THOUSANDS of vulnerable people across the county will be helped to live independently in their own homes with the help of organisations working in partnership with Derbyshire County Council.

The authority’s Housing Related Support Programme supports more than 27,300 vulnerable people including victims of domestic abuse and people with drug and alcohol problems to live independently every year, providing a wide range of services to help them live safely and well.

As well as identifying and providing suitable accommodation, services that are available under the Housing Related Support Programme include helping people to claim all the benefits they are entitled to, supporting people to reduce their debts, helping them to take up training or education and supporting them in their contact with friends and family.


There are also services to help people manage their physical and mental health and once they are settled in a home, there will be support to help people keep their tenancies.

The services have been run on behalf of the county council’s Housing Related Support Programme by a mix of larger organisations and smaller groups and charities. In a new way of working, the authority encouraged larger organisations to team up with the smaller groups and charities to form consortia and tender for a round of new contracts. Services can now be run more cost-effectively and support more people than before.