Painless birth for new baby service

Becky Weiland and new son Jonathan
Becky Weiland and new son Jonathan

A BUXTON couple who have had the first High Peak baby since the town’s Corbar Birth Centre closed have praised their “wonderful experience”.

Becky Weiland had been planning to give birth at Corbar, but after learning that it was to be closed as part of cost-cutting plans by the local health trust, she decided to choose a home birth instead.

And after little Jonathan arrived at her Pictor Grove home on July 5 – just days after Corbar closed its doors for the final time

Becky, and her husband Gus, who have two other sons, Gideon, four, and Daniel, two, had nothing but praise for the service they received.

Becky, 30, said: “I’d been to all the meetings about Corbar and written letters trying to keep it open but unfortunately it didn’t work. So a home birth with the same midwife who had delivered my first child was the next best thing.

“We actually had two midwives and they were really good. I gave birth in a pool in my conservatory and it was a wonderful experience.

“Having my other two children there being able to wake up the next morning with a new baby was terribly exciting.

“With Corbar closing, everyone thinks they’ve got to go to Stockport but you can have really excellent care with the Corbar midwives with a home birth.”

And Gus, 38, added: “I thought the midwives were really professional and I liked the fact there were two of them.

“I think it’s all more relaxed at home so the birth happens easier and quicker and to be fair, you get the same level of service at home as you would elsewhere.

“A lot of people say they are worried if something happened but that was the same with Corbar and if anything happened, you’d have to get an ambulance.

“We’d just like to reassure people that it is a really good option.”

Becky added: “I felt really relaxed and happy. It was a very good experience.”

In December, health bosses unanimously agreed to close Corbar, which was based at Buxton Hospital. High Peak women now have to choose whether to have their babies at Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital or Macclesfield District General Hospital. Alternatively, women classed as low-risk, like Becky, are able to choose to have a home birth.