Nurses to cut out red tape

DERBYSHIRE health bosses have welcomed Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement on improvements to nursing care.

Mr Cameron last week made four pledges to ensure that all hospitals in England are providing patient care to the best possible standard.

They are: cutting out bureaucracy so nurses can spend time on patients, not paperwork; ensuring nurses conduct regular ward rounds to check that patients are comfortable, properly fed and hydrated and are treated with dignity and respect; and ensuring there is clear leadership on the wards.

A Nursing Quality Forum of front line nurses and nursing leaders is to be set up, charged with taking a national leadership role in promoting excellent care and ensuring good practice is adopted across the NHS. There would also be patient-led inspections of hospital wards with local people joining teams to assess cleanliness, dignity and nutrition.

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (DCHS), which provides NHS care in the county’s hospitals, in people’s homes and in other community settings across Derbyshire, has already taken steps over the last three years to improve standards of nursing care and therapy.

Kath Henderson, Director of Quality and Chief Nurse at DCHS said: “We pride ourselves on the excellent care we provide to our patients and are always looking for ways to continue to improve.

“Much of what the Prime Minister has said is already being provided and further refined and developed by nursing teams in our community hospitals across Derbyshire.”

“One example is a DVD we’re developing which will help nurses make the most of their contact with patients during ward rounds. It will help them take full opportunity day-to-day of making sure that what a patient really needs – whether that’s a drink, a trip to the toilet or handing them their bedside novel - are not missed, through simple conversation.”