MP welcomes extra NHS cash

Andrew Bingham
Andrew Bingham

HIGH PEAK MP Andrew Bingham has welcomed news that an extra £35 million has been allocated to NHS Derbyshire County this year.

The trust will be given the extra money to support key Government priorities such as the Cancer Drugs Fund, investment in therapies for mental health conditions, 4,200 extra health visitors, and support for carers.

Spending on healthcare in Derbyshire County PCT area this year will total £1,173 million overall.

Across England as a whole, over £89 billion will now be spent on doctors, nurses and frontline services in the NHS – an increase of more than £2.6 billion over the year before.

Welcoming the increases in NHS funding, Andrew said: “I recognise just how important the NHS is to this country – and to patients here in the High Peak. That’s why the Coalition Government is protecting the NHS not just today, but for future generations.

“Next year alone, Derbyshire County PCT will benefit from an extra £35 million of investment going straight to doctors, nurses and other frontline services.

“Under Labour, billions of extra spending was swallowed up as the number of managers increased at five times the rate of the number of nurses. Their plans would have meant cutting the NHS, denying patients the improved services we are putting in place.

“Their approach – to spend less and keep things as they are – would leave the NHS in crisis.”

Mark Smith, deputy director of finance for NHS Derbyshire County, said: “The next few years will be challenging for the NHS and tough decisions will need to be made to ensure that the best possible care is provided to patients for every pound spent.

“We know that in the future we will have less money to spend to meet a greater demand for healthcare. New drugs and treatments together with an ageing population mean that demand for NHS services is increasing, along with the associated costs.

“The additional funding we have received for 2011-12 has already been included in our overall budget, and provision has been made to fund NHS Operating Framework commitments such as the Cancer Drugs Fund, investment in talking therapies for those with mental health conditions, extra health visitors, and support for carers’ breaks.

“Our £1.73bn budget will be split to emerging GP consortia groups across the county as GPs begin to shadow our work in preparation for the handover of NHS commissioning responsibilities in April 2013.

“The NHS Operating Framework also means that two per cent of our resource, or £22m, has been earmarked for projects aimed at delivering financial savings and efficiencies.”

Out of the £35m allocated to NHS Derbyshire County, £9.5m forms part of a ringfenced fund for joint schemes with Derbyshire County Council.