Health trust’s aim to make every contact count

HIGH PEAK patients may be asked about their lifestyle next time they have an appointment with Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, as part of a new initiative.

The trust is reminding locals that staff may talk to them about their lifestyle in order to improve their health and wellbeing as helping people to stop smoking, drink less alcohol, eat more healthily, be more physically active and keep to a healthy weight could help someone live up to 14 years longer on average than someone who led an unhealthy lifestyle.

Staff are being trained to have lifestyle conversations with the public and each other as part of an initiative called Making Every Contact Count (MECC), which is designed to encourage everyone to make the most of opportunities to highlight areas which could really improve health.

Karen Wheeler, Physical Health and Wellbeing Lead for Mental Health at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We want all the people we see to have the best possible outcome for their health issues or worries.

“If we can help people to break a habit or make a change which will help them achieve the health they want, then we have committed to do that as an organisation.

“We have made a pledge to Make Every Contact Count and we ask patients and visitors to ask for help if they want it. As an organisation we’re ready to help.”

For more information about MECC at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust visit: