Health trust praised for going the extra miles

DERBYSHIRE Community Health Services NHS Trust has won a green award for reducing the miles travelled by staff at work while maintaining high standards of patient care.

The Energy Saving Trust has recognised the health trust’s environmentally friendly approach by naming the organisation a Fleet Hero for rising to the challenge of reducing mileage travelled by staff in their own cars.

A number of measures have been introduced by the trust over the past year, including: increased use of teleconferencing; a £20,000 investment in driver training, a salary sacrifice scheme for new bicycles and bike hire; a doubling of the business cycle mileage allowance and the launch of a dedicated website giving tips and advice on how staff can reduce their impact on the environment including promoting car sharing.

Mark Armstrong-Read, who leads the Trust’s travel planning, said: “Our staff work at so many different locations across Derbyshire and their support in reducing mileage has been crucial. In a rural area like ours we don’t have as many public transport links to tap into as urban areas, so it has involved thinking differently about how to reduce our carbon footprint when we can.”