Have your say on health services

People in the High Peak are being invited to have their say on local health services.

NHS North Derbyshire Clinical Commission Group (CCG) is inviting people to join a Patient Participation Group (PPG) at their local GP practice.

Dr Debbie Austin, High Peak GP and member of the Governing Body of the CCG, said: “It’s never been a better time for patients to have their say on the quality of local health services. We hope that many patients will join with us in helping to shape and improve health services in North Derbyshire by becoming a member of their local PPG.

“As a patient-focused organisation, we recognise that our patients are in the unique position of being the only people who know what it is like to be on the receiving end of services, which means that they can provide us with vital information on what works well and how services can improve.

“PPGs are an excellent way for us to be sure that GP practices are hearing what it is like to be a patient of that practice and for us to know that surgeries are working closely with patients to ensure that they benefit from the highest standards of healthcare.”

Anyone wanting to be become a member of their PPG should talk to their practice manager or call Amanda Brikmanis on 01246 231255.