Dying mum’s wish to see daughter at secondary school

Michelle Hull-Bailey from Chesterfield has terminal cancer. She is pictued with her daughter Leah
Michelle Hull-Bailey from Chesterfield has terminal cancer. She is pictued with her daughter Leah

A young mum with just months left to live has spoken of her final goal to see her daughter’s first day at secondary school.

At only 29, Michelle Hull-Bailey was last week told the devastating news that the cancer she has been fighting for three years is terminal, and that she won’t see her 10-year-old daughter, Leah, grow up.

“You think ‘It can’t happen to me. I have got a little girl, so God won’t take me’” said Michelle, of Derby Road. “But unfortunately God doesn’t care about that, does he?”

After being diagnosed with lymphoma in 2011, Michelle underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery to help fight the disease, but the cancer didn’t go away, and spread to her stomach, spleen, chest, neck and lungs.

“When Leah first heard, she asked if there might still be a chance I am going to live” she said. “It’s hard to get it into a little kids’ mind, that I can’t see her grow up.

“I have brought her up to be a good girl, and I just want to be there for her first love, and see her get married and have babies. I was always going to move with her to New York with her husband. That was the plan, but now we can’t do that. I’m not bothered about anything else in life. I just want to be with Leah.”

She added: “I have a goal and that is to take to Leah to secondary school on her first day. I told my doctor that’s what I wanted, and he said it could be a possibility. I am trying my hardest to stay healthy as long as I can, but I think it would be a miracle if I reached Christmas.”

The pair have been approached by Chesterfield-based charity, Cancer Relief, who are fundraising to help fulfil their last wishes.

Leah, a student at Whitecotes Primary school, said she wants to go the seaside and to see the Northern Lights, but her biggest wish is to see her mum get better.

She said: “I am really proud of my mum to even get this far. She has been so brave and I am really proud of her as she had gone through this day after day not knowing what is going to happen to her.

“That is what your call a brave hero.”

Nikki Lowe, Michelle’s friend, is holding a fundraising fitness event and raffle to raise money for the cause at Queen’s Park Sports Centre on March 23 from 10am. Classes will include konga, bokwa and box-a-cise, with tickets costing £10 each.

Nikki said: “We have had some fantastic presents for the raffle but we would like to ask for companies to donate larger gifts and we would especially like a donation of either a digital camera or camcorder so that Leah can start to make memories over the next few months.”

To buy tickets or donate prizes, contact nikkilowe235@gmail.com or text 07891389468.