Derbyshire kids fighting the fat

OVER 14,000 Derbyshire pupils have taken part in a scheme designed to tackle rising levels of childhood obesity.

The youngsters participated in NHS Derbyshire County’s 2009/10 National Child Measurement Programme which records the height and weight of children aged between four and five, and ten and 11.

The results are then used to help NHS Derbyshire County prioritise its services.

There are around 650 children aged between four and five who are obese in Derbyshire, with that figure rising to over 1,300 by the time they reach ten.

Uptake for the programme in four to five year olds was higher than the national average at 94.8 per cent.

And the Derbyshire uptake for ten to 11 year olds was also above the national average at 94.1 per cent, compared to 89.9 per cent.